Norman Reedus Says The Walking Dead Season 8B Will Bring Closure And “Resolution”


Though death has come knocking for young Carl Grimes (see AMC’s heartfelt tribute to Rick’s closest ally here), Norman Reedus believes The Walking Dead season 8B will still bring closure and “resolution” when it airs this Sunday.

Set to kick things off with the super-sized “Honor” on February 25th, the back-end of The Walking Dead is all about tying up loose ends, according to Norman Reedus, who spoke candidly to Entertainment Weekly ahead of the show’s return this coming weekend.

And don’t worry, it’s totally free of spoilers, as Reedus paints in broad strokes when discussing season 8’s long-anticipated climax:

It’s all resolution. It’s all the tying up of these ends of what’s laid out in front of us in all these different directions. There’s a lot of closure coming in the back eight, which is great. There’s been all this action and all the fighting and all these different factions that have been splitting off in these different directions, and it all kind of comes together in the end with closure in several different avenues. Some wrap up the way you think. Some wrap up not the way you think. It’s all kind of a surprise where it all comes from.

Rick Grimes and the vengeful Maggie will seemingly enjoy a ton of screen time in The Walking Dead season 8B, too, though Reedus believes the former series stalwart will be more concerned with the ailing Carl. As for Daryl, turns out he wasn’t to blame for the impending death of Grimes Jr., after some viewers worried that his encounter with the Saviors ultimately led to that fatal walker bite.

I think there are a couple of moments when we find out what happened with Carl and [Daryl] asks about it. He’s like, ‘Did this happen because of what I did?’ I think if that would’ve turned out to be his fault he probably would’ve lost his mind, but it wasn’t his fault. That happened in a totally different area at a totally different time, so I think he was very concerned about that in particular — especially after what happened with Glenn and what happened with Abraham.

The Walking Dead season 8B gets going with the extended “Honor” on Sunday, February 25th, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest developments pertaining to AMC’s undead flagship between now and then.

Source: EW