AMC Is Already Making Headway On The Walking Dead Season 9


AMC and its pool of creative talent aren’t known for resting on their laurels.

Case in point: The Walking Dead‘s long-serving executive producer, Greg Nicotero, has confirmed that many of the network’s leading players, including newfangled showrunner Angela Kang, are hard at work on season 9, which will presumably be with us sometime in the fall.

During a recent Facebook Live session (h/t Heroic Hollywood), Nicotero was joined by a slew of big-name actors – namely Christian Serratos, Ross Marquand, Austin Amelio, Tom Payne and Steven Ogg – to discuss The Walking Dead season 8 and beyond. And while AMC’s flagship is still a few weeks away from its season finale, it seems the show’s ninth season is already beginning to take shape.

We just finished editing the [season 8] finale. Which feels weird, because we shot in November and we’re still working on posting the show and doing the visual effects. And you guys are doing [additional dialogue recording] and every once in a while you get called to record some additional stuff, so we’re still finishing last season and then we just started season 9. So you guys are gonna be busy, all I can say.

Elsewhere, Robert Kirkman, the founding father behind The Walking Dead, told those in attendance that there’s some “big stuff” coming up in season 9.

We just did the pitch out for season 9, and there’s some really cool stuff coming. In the pitch, Greg was like, ‘oh, I can’t wait to get started on that!’ I was like, ‘I can’t wait to see that. They’re always coming up with cool new evolutions for the zombies and there’s some big stuff coming up in season 9 that I’m hinting at and I’ll probably get in trouble for, zombie-wise.

Based on previous installments and AMC’s track record, The Walking Dead season 9 will be ready for its premiere sometime in October, long after Fear The Walking Dead returns for its fourth season on April 15th.

Source: Facebook