The Winterfell set used by ‘Game Of Thrones’ has burned down

Some Game of Thrones fans might think that the series’ still-divisive 2018 finale sent the legacy of the show up in flames, but surely Winterfell being set alight isn’t what they meant — yet that’s exactly what has happened.

That’s right — winter has come and now is almost gone and has taken the set of one of the widely successful series’ most iconic locations along with it.

First reported by the Belfast Telegraph on Feb. 1, the former Co Antrim filming site for Game of Thrones was set on fire. This was later confirmed to be a controlled burn by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

As you’d expect, a fire at this facility caused plenty of confusion for locals, but ultimately it wasn’t so sinister. The set was one of the most recognizable locations used to film the show, found in Northern Ireland.

It isn’t clear exactly why the set was burned down, but it’s very possible that it was just due to it no longer being in use and making way for something new.

While you won’t be able to visit Winterfell anymore, nearby in Crobet-Banbridge, there is a newly opened Game of Thrones Studio to check out. The tour includes a look at props, costumes, and sets used during the production of the show.

If you’re wondering what it would have looked like when Dragons made their way to Winterfell with hostile intentions then here’s the closest thing you’re going to get. Love Balleymena has shared footage of the burning of Winterfell which you can check out here.

Out with the old and in with the new, fans don’t need to stress as we’re going to see a bunch of new Game of Thrones-style sets when House of Dragons launches on HBO Max later this year.