‘The Witcher’ season 2 is now certified fresh at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes

Image via Netflix

Netflix’s second season of The Witcher is almost here and while fans haven’t yet had a chance to see the new episodes for themselves, season two is already receiving huge praise from critics.

Right now, with 21 critic reviews in The Witcher season two has been certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a Tomatometer score of 95 percent.

Many critics who have seen the season share that it boasts the same fantasy action that fans came to love from the first season. Other reviews praise the world-building that is done during the season and how it endeavors to compliment the larger Witcher universe and its future spin-off series.

These scores are substantially higher than the critic scores for the show’s debut season which only managed to garner a rating of 81 percent, however, its audience score came much closer at 91 percent. With this in mind, perhaps audiences will be more in line with critics when it comes to season two.

The Witcher season two will pick up after the events of the show’s first season developing on the story of Geralt escorting Ciri to Kaer Morhen where he grew up being trained as a Witcher.

The series based on a series of books that were adapted into a massively popular game franchise looks to continue its growth on Netflix and fans don’t have long until they can check out the new season for themselves.

The Witcher season two will launch globally on Netflix on Dec. 17.