The Witcher Season 2 New Image Shows Geralt Of Rivia Poised To Battle

the witcher

With Netflix poised to unleash its second season of The Witcher in just a few weeks, we’re now getting a new image of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia who is sure to bring us more monster hunting, magic, and nudity.

Based on Andrzej Spkowski’s book series of the same name — which also inspired a series of hit video games — the first season brought a slice of a vast fantasy world in a plot that was admittedly puzzling at times due to its non-linear storytelling, but still won over many fans, becoming a popular series on the streaming platform.

Check out a grizzled Geralt from season two as he wields a sword (first shared by Empire) below:

Cavill has proved an excellent choice for the character of Geralt, embodying his wisdom, wit, and brawn. It probably helps that Cavill is famously a fan of the games and the world created by Sapkowski, who has himself praised Cavill’s performance.

The image you see teasing the second season features Geralt with his eyes darkened from having taken a power-up potion, brandishing a sword in a snowy setting.

The upcoming season will most likely continue the adventure with Geralt having crossed paths with the young Ciri at the end of season one.

The second season will reportedly have a big reveal about Ciri’s parents and will take on a much darker tone than the first season.

But we’ll have to see how the purple-eyed sorcerer Yennefer will fit into the mix when The Witcher returns to Netflix on Dec. 17.