The Witcher Showrunner Says Season 2 Will Be ‘Hot’

The Witcher

The showrunner of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of The Witcher, Lauren S. Hissrich, said the upcoming second season of the hit series would be “hot.”

Hissrich tweeted on Monday to reminisce about an interview Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of the original Witcher novels, had with People Magazine in 2019 before the premiere of the show’s first season later that year.

In Hissrich’s thread, which can be viewed below, she refers to a quote from Sapkowski about what he wants readers and viewers to take away from the Netflix series. He said he wants viewers to feel “hot in every sense” as opposed to “tepid” or “lukewarm.” Hissrich then said the second season of The Witcher will be “hot in all the ways Mr. Sapkowski hoped.”

Although it’s not entirely clear exactly what Hissrich and Sapkowski mean when they say “hot,” it could be referring to some shocking plot twist, intense action sequences, or some steamy romance.

The Witcher was a smash hit on Netflix when in began streaming in 2019 and anticipation for the second season has simmered to a boil in the years since. Netflix showed of a clip from the second season during their global fan event #TUDUM over the weekend, which showed Geralt preparing to defend Ciri from a bruxa in what looks like the buildup for one of the show’s gripping fight scenes.

The second season of The Witcher will star Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Anna Shaffer, and Anya Chalotra and is set to begin streaming all episodes on Dec. 17.