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There’s a big ‘Back to the Future’ Easter Egg in this week’s ‘Ms. Marvel’

This is heavy.


Ms. Marvel‘s second episode went live on Disney Plus today and, like last week, is a treat. Iman Vellani is absolutely fantastic as Kamala Khan, there are a bunch of great jokes, and musings on religion, puberty, and politics that go way beyond what we might usually expect from a Marvel Studios production.

The show has also been showing off its love of classic movies. Last week we saw Kamala briefly watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and this week they’ve dropped a big Easter Egg to a classic 80s comedy. This is 1985’s Back to the Future, and though the time travel caper doesn’t seem to have any direct relevance to Ms. Marvel someone involved clearly wanted to tip the hat.

Aside from the episode’s finale seeing a person hanging precariously from a tower, midway through the episode Matt Lintz’s Bruno was simply dressed in Marty McFly’s costume. Check it out:

Some particularly knowledgeable fans managed to link this to the original comic book, where we see a suspiciously McFly-looking classmate doodling a picture of Teen Wolf (another Michael J. Fox ’80s character):

As Bruno doesn’t have much in common with Marty McFly (he’s really more of a Doc Brown) we think this is just a fun little Easter egg for film buffs. Even so, it’s worth keeping an eye on future episodes to see if they drop any other fun references like this.

So far, Ms. Marvel is probably the best Disney Plus MCU show to date, so we can’t wait to see what’s coming down the line each Wednesday.

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