These are the best competition shows currently on Netflix

via Netflix

There’s something for everyone on Netflix, whether you enjoy watching reality TV, dramas, adult humor entertainment, or something else. One of the awesome things that the popular platform provides its subscribers is its roster of competition shows. Competition shows give contestants the chance to get totally competitive with each other as they battle it out to win titles and sometimes even huge cash prizes. Whether the cash prize is $10,000, $100,000, or $1 million, it’s awesome to watch the most deserving participants take home their earnings.

These are some of the best shows to watch on Netflix that fit into this particular category.

The Circle

Anyone who’s familiar with the way social media generally works can appreciate the way The Circle is set up. The Netflix original has gone on for three seasons so far, acting as something of a popularity contest on social media. Contestants are allowed to enter the competition as themselves or take the catfishing route by using someone else’s pictures in order to get ahead. Occasionally, contestants are able to vote each other out based on popularity statuses to decide who gets to stay until the end or not.

Nailed It!

Starting in 2018, Nailed It! is the baking competition show that’s gotten a lot of positive attention. Nicole Byer is the hilarious host of the show who mediates with random commentary about just how badly the amateur bakers are doing with their recipes. So far, the show has even taken home the MTV Movie and TV award for Best Lifestyle Show.

Next in Fashion

There are plenty of shows to watch that honor the fashion industry, but Next in Fashion is easily one of the most binge-worthy. Unfortunately, the Netflix original only lasted for one season in 2020, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out even if it won’t be renewed. The first season, hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, focuses on teams of fabulously hard-working designers who work together to create the most visionary clothing looks ever.

Ink Master

Being an artist on paper is one thing, but being an artist on other people’s skin is something else entirely. Tattoo artists have to be extremely precise with what they do because they’re adding permanent ink onto the body of another human being. Ink Master is a reality TV show that started in 2012 and has gone on for 13 seasons. The talented tattoo artists battle it out in various challenges in order to test their artistic skills and be crowned the ultimate “Ink Master” by the final episode of each season. 


It’s a given that a show like Survivor deserves to be mentioned on a list of Netflix’s best competition shows. The reality TV show has gone on for 41 seasons so far, which means that plenty of people are obviously intrigued by the concept. A group of contestants gets placed on an island and pitted against each other for different challenges. Whoever ends up surviving until the final episode gets to walk away with a massive $1 million prize. That’s certainly not chump change!

Sugar Rush

The first season of Sugar Rush premiered on Netflix in 2018. Three seasons later, it’s still one of the best baking competition shows on Netflix. Four teams of bakers fight against each other to prove that they have the best set of skills in the kitchen. While they whip up some of the most beautiful-looking confections ever, their main goal is to walk away with a $10,000 grand prize in the end. They get critiqued by none other than Adriano Zumbo, one of the most well-known pastry chefs alive, and actually spend time training and prepping before signing up to be on camera.

Glow Up: Britain’s Next Makeup Star

The world of beauty and makeup has totally expanded over the years and become one of the biggest industries ever. The fact that makeup can accentuate some of our best qualities ever makes it a popular industry to be a part of in the first place. Glow Up is a competition show that allows makeup artists to prove that they know what they’re doing through tricky challenges in every episode. The aspiring makeup artists live and work together, which creates even more tension as they fight to win a sought-after cosmetics contract.

Floor is Lava

The host of Floor is Lava on Netflix is named Rutledge Wood and he does a great job coming up with hilarious commentary for the awesome competition show. Contestants are striving to reach a goal that seems almost impossible: getting through the obstacles of a booby-trapped room filled with fake lava. If they end up touching the lava in any capacity, they automatically lose. This was one of the most popular shows for people to watch in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine. It’s a fun, lighthearted show that might help take your mind off any real-life stressful situations.

Sing On!

A whopping $60,000 is on the line in Sing On!, a competition show that allows contestants to sing the lyrics of their favorite songs. The singers do their best to impress in an effort to win that awesome cash prize. Tituss Burgess is the host of the show, who some fans might recognize from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Catchy songs like “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Moves Like Jagger” are incorporated into this show that fans of American Idol will surely enjoy.

Rhythm + Flow

It’s unfortunate that Rhythm + Flow only lasted for one season in 2019, but the competition show is great for people who absolutely love hip hop music. The rap industry already has so many talented names in the game including Lil Wayne, Drake, Post Malone, and more. In Rhythm + Flow, unknown artists are able to rap-battle-it-out to potentially make a name for themselves. Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. serve as judges on the show, which seeks brand new talent from either Chicago, Atlanta, New York, or Los Angeles.

You can catch all of these competition shows and lots of other quality content right now on Netflix.