These pulse-quickening shows will hold you over until ‘Outer Banks’ season 3 comes out

John B and JJ from 'Outer Banks' season one.
Image via Netflix

Anyone who’s all about that Pogue life is undoubtedly excited for the third season of Outer Banks. Netflix officially announced that it’s coming, and it was heavily hinted at the end of season two when Pope said “It’s not over.” Our favorite band of rebellious teenagers chose to stay on the deserted island they washed up on to figure out what their next move will be, and while there’s a chance that they’ll stay on the island for the rest of their days, we’re betting that at some point they’re going to want to finally get their hands on the treasure they’ve been working so hard to nab.

Either way, season three is sure to be another epic entry in what has quickly become one of Netflix’s best originals. Waiting for the new season, however, is going to be challenging, which is why we’ve compiled this list of other pulse-quickening shows you can enjoy in the meantime.


Trinkets is similar to Outer Banks for one major reason: both shows include groups of teenagers getting themselves into unexpected trouble. In Trinkets, a teen girl is going through the grieving process after losing a loved one and finds herself drawn to two troubled classmates who have a liking for thievery. The classmates then convince her to join in on the risky game of stealing ⏤ always a good idea when you’re feeling emotionally unstable. Things run smoothly for them until they get caught and forced to attend Shoplifters Anonymous.

On My Block

Since 2018, On My Block has been an incredible drama to watch unfold. It even took home the Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout TV Show when it premiered. It’s about a group of street-savvy teenagers who do their best to get through high school. They deal with the highs and lows of friendships getting tested, romantic relationships falling apart, and being minorities in South Central Los Angeles.

The Society

The main reason why The Society and Outer Banks are comparable is because both shows focus more on teenagers than they do adults. In Outer Banks, the teens are constantly doing things they shouldn’t be, with the adults often chasing after them and trying to get them in line. In The Society, a group of Connecticut high school students return home from a camping trip to find out that all of their parents have disappeared. At first, just like the kids in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, they love their newfound freedom ⏤ at least until things get a little too crazy to handle.

Dare Me

Although Dare Me is a show focused on cheerleaders and there isn’t a single cheer squad member included in any episodes of Outer Banks, the shows are still extremely comparable. The reason why? They both include groups of teenagers getting into overly dramatic trouble that goes far beyond a bit of angst or rebellion. What’s more, both shows shed light on what happens when murderous scenarios rock small-town dynamics. 

Dash and Lily

The biggest reason why Dash and Lily is comparable to Outer Banks is because it’s a show about teenagers making their respective neighborhoods their playgrounds, having wild adventures, and making unforgettable memories. In Outer Banks, a lot of the crazy antics the teens are involved in are dangerous in nature. In Dash and Lily, reckless dares and desires are shared between two teens who are in the process of falling head over heels in love with each other ⏤ even though they have no idea who the other person actually is. This heartwarming holiday rom-com may have only gotten one season (boo!), but it’s one you’ll want to revisit every year at Christmastime.


Riverdale is one of the darkest shows on this list despite the fact that it’s inspired by lighthearted comic books from the 1940s. The show focuses on a teenage boy named Archie Andrews and his tight-knit group of friends, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Cheryl. A multitude of Riverdale episodes can be described as spooky and haunting, not to mention off-the-wall bonkers in terms of plot. Similarly, Outer Banks consists of nothing but episodes that will leave viewers on the edges of their seats. The drama in Riverdale will leave you equally speechless as the main characters deal with cheating scandals, backstabbing betrayals, obsessive stalkers, inappropriate relationships, and everything in between.

13 Reasons Why

There’s no doubt about the fact that the teenagers in Outer Banks are dealing with some very real life issues, including living in poverty, parental abandonment, social clashes, and unexpected romance. They don’t like listening to authority, they’re willing to put their lives on the line at any given moment, and they’re constantly evading the law. In 13 Reasons Why, the teenagers are dealing with similar issues, but the subject matter is even darker and more serious in tone. The teenagers in 13 Reasons Why are all harboring dark secrets about a girl named Hannah Baker, who ended her life due to the constant bullying she faced at her high school. The teenagers in 13 Reasons Why are constantly keeping their lips sealed about things that should really come to light, which is exactly what the teenagers in Outer Banks are known for doing. It’s important to note that 13 Reasons Why contains mature subject matter that some viewers might find disturbing and/or triggering, so viewer discretion is advised.

Good Trouble

Good Trouble is the spin-off of another popular show called The Fosters. It maintains two of the major cast members that viewers know and love: Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster. In Good Trouble, the adoptive sisters do their best to navigate life in Los Angeles as a technology expert and legal clerk for a tough-as-nails federal judge. This show is similar to Outer Banks in that it’s filled to the brim with over-the-top drama.

[email protected]

[email protected] is a thriller that premiered in 2016 and lasted for three seasons. Violent videos from an anonymous social media user named “Monkeyman” target a group of high school students, and just like in Outer Banks, this group of kids is connected by a dark secret from their past. They link up to figure out if the threatening videos are legitimate or simply created as pranks to freak them out.

Grand Army

There’s so much chaotic energy that happens in every single episode of Outer Banks that it feels like viewers rarely have a chance to catch their breath. Grand Army is similar when it comes to bringing about such high levels of chaotic energy. It focuses on five kids who attend one of the biggest public schools in Brooklyn. They’re surrounded by so many other students at all times that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Their main focus is breaking free and figuring out how to take control of their lives, which is exactly how the Pogues feel in their Kook-run society.

We’re truly hoping that the Pogues get the gold in season three of Outer Banks so they can show the Kooks once and for all who’s boss. Until then, we hope you enjoy these other teen hits featuring relatable characters just trying to figure things out.