A Beloved Netflix Show Was Just Renewed For 2 More Seasons

When Mel Monroe needs a fresh start, she answers an ad for a nurse practitioner and midwife in a small North Carolina town. Virgin River is where she’s headed, and she sees it as an opportunity to shut the door on the pain and the struggles she’s lived with in the big city for so long.

When Mel gets to Virgin River, everything isn’t all smooth-sailing like she was hoping for. In fact, the doctor she hired to work with isn’t very accepting of her help, and he’s given her 30 days to prove herself—or that’s it. Of course, Mel is skilled at her job, but it becomes clear that the people of Virgin River need more than a nurse practitioner. They need hope again.

So does Mel.

Netflix’s series Virgin River, is emotionally gripping and pulls you in quickly. Viewers quickly became invested in the show’s characters and their stories, as it’s way too easy to root for them, cry for them, and want them to heal. Virgin River draws everyone in for exactly the help that they need, and the show somehow provides it.

Virgin River hit that mark, and in an announcement made today, the series has been picked up for an additional two seasons on Netflix. An adorable post on Instagram revealed the news and provided a touching still that meets just what fans were hoping for.

It comes as no surprise that Virgin River was so well received. It was a relatable series amid a pandemic when many faced their own hurt and struggles differently than usual. It’s fun to watch TV that excites you, to see stories of supernatural happenings and superheroes saving the world, but it’s also nice to just sit and watch something that feels like home.

If you’ve yet to tune in for the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and the hurt and healing of Virgin River, now is the time to do it. You can stream seasons 1-3 now on Netflix.