This TV Comedy Has A 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes


The coveted 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes is something every TV show and film strives for as it shows you can please a wide spectrum of critics from all walks of life. And right now, a brand new TV comedy is sitting pretty with a perfect rating. 

Starstruck is made by the BBC and available exclusively via HBO Max internationally. It is written by popular New Zealand-based comedian Rose Matafeo. It is co-written by Alice Snedden, and it is directed by Karen Maine. And of course, it currently holds a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score.

The series stars Rose Matafeo as Jessie, a 20-something woman. She was born in New Zealand but has moved to Hackney, East London. Like many millennials, she struggles with money. Because of this, she works in a cinema and as a nanny in the hope of making ends meet and shares a tiny apartment with her best friend, Kate, and can only dream of a day when she can finally achieve her dreams. 

However, Jessie’s life is turned upside down on New Year’s Eve when she hooks up with a random guy called Tom. However, Jessie soon learns that Tom is Tom Kapoor, a famous and wealthy film actor. While Jessie and Tom live in totally different worlds, they soon find themselves being brought together more and more as both try and fail to deal with the culture shock they’ve brought upon themselves. 

The series is a screwball comedy that sees Jessie do her best to handle the ludicrous situations she and her friends constantly end up in. But the film also has a rom-com element as Jessie and Tom try to make sense of their rather unusual relationship and decide if they want to get together or not. 

Critics loved the show, praising its elegant fusion of classic comedy and rom-com tropes with a grounded take on the modern world and modern social problems. Most also singled out Rose Matafeo, saying that while the entire cast is top-notch, her portrayal of Jessie was fantastic, as she brings charisma, energy, and a relatable emotional undercurrent to the role. Many have said that it is this relatable realism that makes the show work. 

A testament to the show’s brilliance is that Rose Matafeo confirmed that a second season was in production before the first had even aired. Showing that the BBC, an organization with an excellent comedy track record, realized they had something fantastic with this series and are keen to capitalize on it.