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This Unique Horror Series Is Dominating Streaming

A diverse series based on short, spooky stories is currently haunting HBO's top-10 lists.

As Autumn rolls in, people are getting into the Halloween mood. Just in time, an inventive horror series is the ninth most popular TV series on HBO, which is quite a feat considering the amount of popular TV shows the service hosts. 

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a 2019 anthology series originally broadcast on The CW. The series is inspired by and named after the popular internet viral trend of writing spooky stories that are only two sentences long. This series presents brave viewers with a unique horror story every episode. The show ran for two seasons, each with ten episodes, giving viewers twenty different self-contained scares. 

These tales vary wildly, covering all areas of horror. Standout episodes include “Gentleman,” a chilling story of a stalking serial killer who sets their sights on a single mother. “Tutorial” is a home invasion thriller told via webcams and handheld cameras, giving a unique and harrowing take on the found footage genre. And “Imposter” is a story about an award-winning hedge fund manager who finds himself stalked by a mysterious doppelganger that seemingly wants to take his place. 

One of the best things about Two Sentence Horror Stories is how inclusive and inventive it is. The show’s use of technology is astonishing, using modern methods to give viewers a new perspective or to twist old tropes into something totally original. It’s also a very inclusive show featuring horror that centers on minority experiences. Some of the show’s stories over two seasons touch on racism, transgender and feminist issues, and many more real-world problems. Viewers can see these issues explained through the lens of horror, expertly showcasing the struggles that many marginalized people face. This is coupled with a diverse and amazingly talented cast that helps capture and convey every moment of creeping horror. 

This combination of fantastic scripts and brilliant casting means that Two Sentence Horror Stories becomes way more than a sum of its parts. It offers some genuinely inventive and utterly disturbing horror that takes the genre in new directions, making this show a must-watch for anyone who loves horror or spooky media. 

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a unique horror series that pushes the boundary of the medium while presenting a terrifying and memorable experience that will stick with you long after the series has ended. The self-contained format means it’s the perfect show to dip into when you want a quick dose of scares and the show’s sheer variety means there is something for everyone. 

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