This X-Files Star Is Open To Return for More Seasons

The X-Files

Annabeth Gish revealed during an interview with on Sept. 16 that she is open to reprising her role as Monica Reyes in the hit series The X-Files. The 50-year-old was initially promoting her Netflix show called Midnight Mass, set to air this upcoming week, when she made the initial admission.

Gish made her first appearance in 2001 in the sci-fi classic that follows the lives of two FBI special agents named Fox Mulder (portrayed by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who handle unusual and unsolved cases —which involves components of the supernatural or paranormal — that are known as the X-Files.

The actress said while bringing up how minimal her role was during the reboot that started in 2016. “I would always [return], even though seasons [10 and 11], the reboots, Monica Reyes was a little [absent]. Maybe there could be Agent Reyes and another female agent, right? Why not?”

Despite Gish’s absence in The X-Files, she currently awaiting the premiere of her new horror series Midnight Mass which is set to be released on September 24th. Midnight Mass is a story about a small community whose preconceived divisions are being intensified by a dishonored man’s return and an arrival of a priest.

Although the show has yet been provided to stream, author Stephen King has already given it rave reviews on September 14th. He wrote on his Twitter page, “MIDNIGHT MASS, on Netflix: Mike Flanagan has created a dense, beautifully photographed terror tale that climbs to a high pitch of horror by the 7th and last episode. I believe it starts in 10 days.”

Following King’s review, Gish told EOnline how she hoped his followers listen to his advice. “He has so many listeners and followers. So, hopefully, they’ll pay attention.” While her co-star in the series Kristin Lehman said, “If you could see my blonde hairy arms, you would see the goosebumps. I’m speechless”

Midnight Mass debuts on Netflix on September 24th.