Tiger King Star Teases Season 2 Coming Soon

Tiger King

It feels like it’s been decades since the Tiger King phenomenon first swept across the globe given all that’s happened in recent months, but somehow, it hasn’t even been an entire year since the world at large was first introduced to Joe Exotic.

The docuseries became a cultural phenomenon, with Netflix lucking out that the insane true story arrived just as everyone was getting to grips with the idea of remaining confined to their homes as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, Tiger King went on to become one of the platform’s most-watched originals of 2020, drawing in over 64 million viewers in the first four weeks.

Ironically, Joe Exotic got the fame he’d been craving his entire life just as he went to prison, and he wasn’t pardoned by the outgoing President Trump as his representatives had been hoping. The best case scenario for him, then, is that he’ll be picking up at least some royalties from the multitude of fictional projects in the works, with Rob Lowe and Nicolas Cage both signed on to play him for Netflix and Amazon respectively.

There’ve been rumors that a second season could be in development, and now former G.W. Zoo manager and Tiger King alum John Reinke has seemingly confirmed on Cameo of all places that new episodes will be with us sooner rather than later, as you can read below:

“I want to thank you guys for watching Tiger King and get ready, yup, believe it or not, there’s another season gonna come out pretty soon so keep your eyes out for that.”

Jet ski riding human Chucky doll James Garretson has also claimed that Tiger King could be back on our screens as soon as March or April, but without Joe Exotic’s bizarrely engaging presence, it remains to be seen if it can capture lightning in a bottle for a second time.