Here’s A New Look At Titans’ Badass Robin Costume


If the upcoming live action Titans series can say it has anything going for it, it’s that the show boasts what this writer feels to be the best Robin costume to have ever been worn by a flesh-and-blood actor. Sure, Burt Ward’s uniform worked for his time and Chris O’Donnell’s duds were alright if you took away the nipples and obscenely detailed codpiece, but this is what I and likely many other fans have been waiting for.

As you may have seen, last month brought several pictures of series star Brenton Thwaites suited up as the Boy Wonder, much to my delight. Hopefully this eventually gives way to Nightwing in season 2, but we can’t be too sure of what the producers have planned – or what red tape prevents that guise from being explored outside of WB’s motion picture division.

So, if you’ve been in agreement with my praising, then you should be excited to be granted yet another look at the costume. Having made its rounds over on Reddit, the following image shows Thwaites’ stunt double, Mustafa Bulut, enjoying a moment of rest in between takes.

After examining the above pic, I imagine it was rather chilly during that day of filming, therefore Bulut looks like a Robin-Captain Cold hybrid. I’m probably not the only guy who made that comparison after seeing the parka and sunglasses combo, either. All jests aside though, I’m looking forward to seeing whatever fancy martial arts moves Mustafa contributed to the project.

The DC Universe streaming service – Titans included – is set to launch sometime this fall via iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, in addition to offering online and mobile access.