New Titans BTS Photo Gives Us A Crystal Clear Look At Batman


Whenever Batman makes any sort of appearance in live action, it’s become natural for fans to obsess over how his costume looks. Granted, this can be said of any superhero, but it’s really been a hot topic for the Caped Crusader in particular ever since Tim Burton was hired by Warner Bros. to direct their big budget epic back in the late 1980’s.

In fact, the Dark Knight has worn something different in each cinematic appearance to follow, sometimes up to three separate costumes in a given movie. But in the case of his incarnation existing on DC Universe’s Titans, we’ve all been scrambling to find the best pictures of him available.

The reason for this is because Batman was mostly covered in shadow while singlehandedly taking down a SWAT team during the season finale, “Dick Grayson.” Come to think of it, we’ve already shown you what was probably the best screenshot showing off the crazed crusader’s duds, but the behind the scenes photo found below gives us an even clearer look.

Posted by “ToastedMelonYT” on Reddit, the above image doesn’t show us Batsy’s entire figure as the aforementioned screenshot did, but it does display his cowl and the upper part of his costume. As I’d suspected, the headgear from Batman Returns was resurrected for this performance.

When it comes to the suit itself, it leaves a bit to be desired because it kind of resembles the attire Bruce Wayne said he’d use for “spelunking” in Batman Begins more than anything worn on the streets of Gotham. Then again, it wasn’t entirely necessary for the costuming department to put in much detail anyways if Titans‘ producers never intended for the character to be viewed in full light.

Source: Reddit