Titans Casts Teagan Croft As Raven


These days, we tend to think of Titans and Teen Titans as being two separate groups, not only because the former consists of superheroes slightly older in age, but also because they’re two distinctly different ongoing comic books. But despite the upcoming live action series set to debut on DC’s digital streaming service not having “Teen” in the title, it looks like that’s the direction they’re going in when it comes to characters’ ages.

Admittedly, a creative move such as this could be in an effort to distinguish Titans from any animated series already known to fans, as well as the recently released direct-to-video animated movie, The Judas Contract (the trailer can be found above). So, taking into account that 13-year-old Teagan Croft has just been cast as Raven, “the daughter of a demon, is a powerful empath who must keep her emotions in check or risk unleashing her demonic side,” one would assume other actors yet to join the club will be teenagers as well.

Right now, it’s unknown who else will fill out the team’s ranks aside from Starfire and Dick Grayson, so we’re just going to have to wait and see if fan favorites like Beast Boy will be added. As for Grayson himself, we wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he’s still operating under the Robin guise in this series, especially if the actor ultimately cast falls within Croft’s age range. Sure, we want to see Nightwing as badly as you do, but it stands to reason that WB is probably saving that identity for the movies, lest they possibly create any consumer confusion.

Currently, Titans lacks a concrete release date, but do expect it to premiere at some point in 2018 on the aforementioned streaming service.