New Titans Character Posters Highlight Raven, Starfire And Dick Grayson


With the second season premiere of Titans coming at us one week from now, we don’t see the marketing machine slowing down anytime soon. Just recently, yet another new trailer blew us away, with a poster featuring the entire cast launching alongside it.

Now, the folks at DC Universe are choosing to spotlight individual characters by awarding them their own posters. Though we won’t rule out other cast members receiving the same treatment, no time will be wasted in sharing these new looks at Raven, Starfire and Dick Grayson.

As we begin going over what can be found in the gallery below, let’s first talk about Raven. As you can see, she’s looking more like her comic book counterpart than ever with a practical costume. In a way, making her signature hood appear more like casual clothing could be likened to Jughead’s crown becoming a beanie on Riverdale. Additionally, her forehead gem puts in another appearance.

Starfire, meanwhile, is also looking more comic book-accurate by donning a stylized costume more in line with other iterations of the character. Her lack of duds such as these fueled complaints about season 1, yet no one took the time to consider how she was amnesiac for most of those episodes. In other words, she’s not going to wear familiar attire if she doesn’t know who she is.

When it comes to Dick Grayson, he’s, well, simply Dick Grayson. Footage we’ve seen thus far shows him wearing the Robin costume, but we can’t be too sure of whether those are present-day or flashback scenes. If they do take place in the present, then that’d be a massive step backward for his character. After all, our source recently told us that he’ll indeed transition to the Nightwing persona, which would make sense given his personal arc.

Titans returns with new episodes on Friday, September 6th on DC Universe.