Dick Grayson Will Suit Up As Nightwing In Titans Season 2


Titans is about to return to DC Universe for its second season, and will continue to take Dick Grayson and his team closer to their depictions in the comics. Raven, Starfire and Wonder Girl are among those getting more traditional looks, and it seems change is ahead for Robin himself, too, as we’re hearing that the Boy Wonder will transition into Nightwing this season.

We Got This Covered has been told that Grayson will drop his Robin persona in season 2 and will officially become Nightwing, complete with a new costume. This intel comes to us via the same source who’s supplied us with accurate DC scoops in the past – for instance, Viola Davis is returning for The Suicide Squad and that Black Adam will be in Shazam! 3 (which Zachary Levi has since confirmed) – so we have no reason to doubt it.

This news also makes a lot of sense with the character’s arc across the show so far. Apart from season 2’s general interest in giving the cast new costumes, Dick’s darker outlook and wish to go at it alone without Batman fit his Nightwing persona better than his Robin one. Plus, the recent trailer for the season teases that Dick will be furthering his aims to reinvent himself as his own hero. This time with Bruce Wayne’s blessing, it seems.

Of course, the Titans will be joined by a range of new characters in season 2, including Superboy, Aqualad and Ravager. Deathstroke will serve as the big bad, while other outlets have reported that both Lex Luthor and Superman will drop by this year as well, which would make sense considering Superboy’s arrival. WGTC has also heard that spinoffs could be in the works for Donna Troy and Hawk and Dove, but WB has yet to confirm that.

Titans season 2 kicks off with “Trigon,” tying up the loose ends of last year’s battle with Raven’s demonic father. Look out for it on DC Universe when it premieres on September 6th.