Titans Season 2 Character Breakdown Teases The Arrival Of Lex Luthor

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Titans season 2 looks set to be a massive treat for fans. The first run of the DC Universe show already featured a bunch of comic book characters, both beloved and obscure, but that number will only increase when the series returns later this year. And one of the new arrivals could just be one of the biggest villains in DC’s rogues gallery: Superman’s nemesis himself, Lex Luthor.

Geeks Worldwide has got hold of a character breakdown for Titans for a new villainous figure codenamed “Dax.” Apart from the similarity in name, the description teases a master manipulator and successful criminal who’s spent time in jail. Sounds a lot like the bald billionaire to us.

Check out the breakdown for yourself below:

“Mercurial and unpredictable, Dax delights in the element of surprise. Awkward and unpopular as a young boy, he insulated himself from others and developed masterful skills of manipulation. This led to a successful career as a criminal, where he had a unique ability to catch the enemy off-guard with his unassuming nature. Having spent many years in prison for his crimes, Dax is thrilled by the opportunity to get back to work and create chaos for his foes.”

Lex would be a good choice for inclusion in season 2, as his half-clone Superboy is set to join the team of young heroes, after the Kryptonian kid was introduced in the final moments of season 1. As fans know, Kon-El’s made up of both Superman and Lex’s DNA. Young Justice has already played with Conner Kent’s complicated relationship with his “father,” but Titans could no doubt mine a lot of drama out of that, too.

The clincher, though, is that exec producer Geoff Johns has previously confirmed that Lex Luthor is definitely coming to the show. The only question is when he’ll appear and it looks like this character breakdown confirms that it’ll be sooner rather than later. 2019 should be a good year for Lex fans, then, as we’ve also got Jon Cryer joining the cast of Supergirl in just a few short weeks as the very same character.

Plus, it seems that Titans season 2 will give us not just one but two top-draw DC villains. As well as Lex, Deathstroke has also been confirmed for the next run, alongside his children Ravager and Jericho. Clearly, this upcoming season of the show is not to be missed.

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