Geoff Johns Confirms Superboy And Lex Luthor For Titans


The first trailer for Titans, the first live-action take on the teen superhero team coming to the DC Universe streaming service, was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, and it promised a dark, gritty and R-rated interpretation of Robin and his band of adolescent vigilantes. In particular, we got glimpses of Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Hawk and Dove. But they won’t be the only iconic DC comics characters making appearances.

Speaking at the Titans panel at SDCC, Geoff Johns let slip that we can expect to see not just Superboy in Titans but also his “parent” Lex Luthor. The comic book writer (and Titans exec producer) was recalling how he originally pitched the storyline that revealed Supes’ clone was also partly derived from Luthor’s DNA to DC comics co-producer Dan DiDio when he revealed the news:

“I pitched [Dan DiDio] the Superboy/Lex Luthor thing — which we’ll get to [on Titans] eventually.”

Those keeping up to date with Titans leaks and reports will know this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Superboy will appear in season 1. A character breakdown from a while ago for someone dubbed “David” sounded a lot like Conner Kent, as he was described as a “powerful individual” who ‘s been kept prisoner in “a mysterious lab.”

Titans will be the first live-action adaptation of Superboy and Lex since Smallville ended in 2011, where the characters were played by Lucas Grabeel and Michael Rosenbaum, respectively. Fans might be more familiar with their peculiar dynamic from the Young Justice animated series, though. And funnily enough, that show’s also airing on DC Universe, where it returns for its long-awaited third season.

So, viewers should keep their eyes peeled for Kon-El and his corrupt creator when Titans arrives later this year. Going by the recent trailer, we’re half-expecting Superboy to be introduced by heat-visioning someone to death and crying out “F**k Superman!”