Titans Character Breakdown Hints At An Appearance From Ra’s Al Ghul


Fans are hoping the heroes of DC’s upcoming TV show Titans face off against some of their biggest foes from the comics. The first one who comes to mind, of course, is the team’s nemesis Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. While we’re still waiting for any hint that the super-assassin is coming to the series, though, a new character breakdown for the show heavily suggests another iconic DC villain will put in an appearance.

That Hashtag Show has unveiled the following character description for an upcoming antagonist on Titans – and it will make only one name spring to mind for the Batman fans amongst you.

Male, 40s-50s, Middle Eastern, Latin, or East Indian. Seeking a young Richard Attenborough type. Fearless, manipulative, with unparalleled intelligence. Recurring guest star, seeking recognizable faces only.

Yes, this can only be referring to Ra’s al Ghul, the immortal leader of the League of Assassins/Shadows (it varies). If this is as it seems, then it’s a surprising choice for a villain for Titans’ debut season, as the Demon’s Head isn’t the first antagonist you think of in conjunction with the Teen Titans. Though obviously there is a connection via Dick Grayson’s Robin: he’s the apprentice of Ra’s’ own former apprentice, Batman.

Titans‘ version of Ra’s, if he is indeed coming to the show, will be the third live-action portrayal of the character in the past five years. First, Matt Nable played the part in Arrow season 3, where the character was reworked into Green Arrow’s life. Alexander Siddig then made the villain his own over the past couple of seasons of Gotham, in his usual role as Bruce Wayne’s mentor.

THS has previously revealed another character breakdown that teases the appearance of a different DC supervillain. This one referred to a creepy cult leader, suggesting either Trigon, Raven’s demonic father, or Brother Blood (another character who’s appeared on Arrow).

Titans is set to arrive on DC’s yet-to-be-revealed digital streaming service. It’s expected to land later this year and once we get some concrete updates, we’ll be sure to let you know.