Titans Season 2 BTS Photo Reveals New Look At Dove

Titans Hawk Dove

Having never been much of a fan of Hawk and Dove, I found myself being quite surprised by how they were among my favorite things incorporated into Titans‘ inaugural season. Not only were they believable and badass, but the two episodes focused squarely on them – “Hawk and Dove” and “Hank and Dawn” – were among the best, at least in my opinion.

That said, I’m looking forward to seeing much more of this dynamic duo once the series resumes in due time. Come to think of it, we were already virtually guaranteed that when the decision was made to reduce season 1’s episode count from 12 to 11, so we’re yet to see them seeking out the aid of Jason Todd in material that’s already been shot and saved for the sophomore run.

Now, thanks to the behind-the-scenes photo found below, we’ve received more affirmation regarding Minka Kelly’s return as Dove (yes, Alan Ritchson will be in tow as Hawk, too). I’m guessing the dog on her lap is actually a close personal friend, as Krypto may appear much fiercer. Regardless, this particular pooch looks to have a winning personality.

Additionally, the series has cast the likes of Bruce Wayne (hopefully Iain Glen actually suits up as Batman at some point), DeathstrokeJericho and Superboy. Suffice it to say, we as DC fans now have much more than just the Arrowverse when it comes to broad, serialized superhero storytelling on the the small screen. Actually, there’s been some back-and-forth regarding the fate of the DC Universe streaming service as a whole of late, but we’ll continue remaining optimistic until further notice.

Right now, Titans season 2 lacks a premiere date, though all signs point toward an early 2020 debut. Once Stargirl has had her time to shine, then the door should be opened for Dick Grayson, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and whomever else may join them.