Titans And Swamp Thing May Not Be Set In The Same Universe After All


Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Worlds of DC (formerly known at the DC Extended Universe) and the Arrowverse existing over on The CW, it’s just expected that superheroes in live action make up some sort of shared continuity. And when it comes to the upcoming DC Universe streaming service, it’s very much understandable that folks anticipated the tradition continuing with Titans, Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol.

Fanning the flames were reports circulating a few months back stating that each of those projects would indeed be set within the same universe, but now we’re learning something to the contrary. I mean, Titans and Doom Patrol will be interconnected because the latter will spinoff from the former, though it’s very much a possibility that Swamp Thing will be its own, well, thing.

On that very topic, here’s what writer Gary Dauberman had to offer while speaking with /Film:

“I think the opportunity is there if we want to but it’s not mandated. I think we could if, in the future, it organically works itself out to be that way. I haven’t discussed that with the guys from Titans and they haven’t discussed it with us.”

In other words, it could happen, but nobody is being painted into a corner in a creative sense.

On the one hand, it’d be pretty cool to see Swampy fighting alongside Robin and the rest of the crew, but on the other, the Avatar of the Green is perfectly capable of telling great stories independent from costumed crimefighters. Call me crazy, but I really see no reason to crossover just for the sake of doing so.

Titans premieres on Friday, October 12 on DC Universe, with Swamp Thing set to bring up the rear sometime in 2019.

Source: /Film