Titans Writer Teases Frightening Jason Todd Transformation

Jason Todd Red Hood Titans

There’s not much we know about the upcoming new season of Titans, but one thing that’s certain is that at some point Jason Todd will become the Red Hood. Now, one of the show’s writers has efficiently summed up what to expect of the transformation.

Prathiksha Srinivasan, previously a story editor on supernatural comedy/drama police procedural iZombie and scripter of the excellent teen comedy Plan B, joined the series as a writer for the third season, and in response to the new trailer promised viewers they were not prepared for its intensity. A number of fans subsequently asked her about various developments, most of which she could only answer in vague and cryptic terms for obvious reasons, but one query about Jason’s personal journey got a simple yet compelling response.

If you’re unaware, Red Hood originated in 2005 Batman arc Under the Hood that sees a new vigilante arrive in Gotham, one who operates without Batman’s iron code and instead wantonly slaughters any petty criminals and gangsters he encounters. It’s ultimately revealed the face under the mask is that of Jason, who was killed by the Joker in A Death in the Family almost 20 years previously, and was brought back to life by some multiverse shenanigans and restored to health by Talia al Ghul by dunking him in a Lazarus Pit, resulting in his mental instability.

It’s currently unknown how Jason will become the murderous antihero, and although judicious shots and lines from the trailer suggest something hewing very close to the comic’s events, that could just be the producers misdirecting us with allusions to what we expect and in actuality, it may turn out to be something completely different.

Regardless of the specifics, that someone on the inside of the production of Titans has promised such a powerful development, it just gives us one more thing to look forward to.