Gotham Season 5’s Episode Titles May Give Us Some Plot Hints


For the past two springs, we as Gotham fans were left on the edges of our seats for all the wrong reasons. While the show itself kept us glued to our sets, we were forced to await word regarding whether or not the Batman prequel series would be cancelled. Fortunately, it was renewed both times, though the latest confirmation came with a condition: that season 5 will be the last.

Additionally, it should be noted that the final run will consist of only 10 episodes, a factoid that was recently confirmed by actress Camren Bicondova, whom you may know better as the young Selina Kyle. Of course, 10 episodes is better than nothing, but I was really hoping for 13.

On the plus side, it leaves little room for filler and allows for the writers to craft a tightly written story adapting Zero Year, which the comic book readers among you will remember as being Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reimagining of the Dark Knight’s earliest of days under the cowl.

Speaking of which, that arc looks to have considerable influence on the first four episodes to air. Thanks to, the titles of each can be viewed below, and have been confirmed by producer Tze Chun on Twitter.

  • 5×01 – “Year Zero”
  • 5×02 – “Trespassers”
  • 5×03 – “Penguin, Our Hero”
  • 5×04 – “Ruin”

As you can see, the premiere switched up things ever so slightly, opting out of “Zero Year” and instead going for “Year Zero,” which actually happens to be the title of my favorite song from the band Ghost (look it up). The episode to follow, meanwhile, likely has something to do with how the gangs will divvy up parts of the city amongst themselves, hence the “Tresspassers” label.

When it comes to “Penguin, Our Hero,” our best guess is that one will mostly focus on Oswald Cobblepot’s niche that he’s carved out. “Ruin” is somewhat harder to forecast, but it could have something to do with how Gotham itself is in pretty bad shape. Or, it could mean something else entirely, as this show is known for delivering the unexpected. I mean, for all we know, that could be the name of a new bar in town.

Gotham returns for its fifth season sometime in early 2019 on Fox.