Toby Jones’ New Villain Features In Promo For This Week’s Sherlock


BBC’s Sherlock returned on January 1st with a shocker of an opening episode. Kicking off season 4 with a bang, “The Six Thatchers” was a thrill from start to finish, featuring a ton of action, another sublime performance from Benedict Cumberbatch and an ending that won’t soon be forgotten. It’s got fans of the show talking and now, as we wait patiently for the next installment to air this Sunday, the network has released a new promo to tease what’s to come.

Placing the spotlight on Toby Jones’ Culverton Smith, an antagonist described as one of the darkest Sherlock has ever faced, the footage here gives us yet another look at the show’s new villain and it certainly seems like he’ll be a formidable threat for the titular detective. Admittedly, the promo is rather brief, but Jones has certainly sent chills down our spine and got us very curious as to just what he’s done for co-creator Steven Moffat to call him “evil and horrific.”

Given the short nature of the preview, we don’t get any details as to what the plot of the episode may entail, but we imagine it’ll pick up where the season premiere left off, which is with Mary’s death and a wedge being driven between Watson and Holmes. It’s titled “The Lying Detective” and inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of the Dying Detective. As we all know, though, the show frequently departs from the source material and we expect it to do so once again for this outing as well.

Whatever ends up happening, you can bet that Jones will be making quite an impact when he arrives and given how last week’s episode ended, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Sherlock. After all, with only two more outings left before the season wraps up, things should start really taking off now as the plot barrels towards its conclusion next weekend.

Tell us, were you impressed with “The Six Thatchers?” If so, will you be tuning in this Sunday? Sound off below and let us know!