Toby Stephens To Headline Lost In Space Reboot For Netflix

Black Sails 2 2015

Treasure Island prequel series Black Sails may be preparing to wind down with a fourth and final season over at Starz, but leading man Toby Stephens has already secured his future on the small-screen via Legendary TV and Netflix’s rebooted Lost in Space.

Deadline has the scoop, confirming that Maxwell Jenkins of Sense8 fame has also landed the role of Will Robinson in the 10-episode series. Stephens, meanwhile, will pilot the ship as brilliant astrophysicist and commander John Robinson. At the time of writing, Taylor Russell is the only other star of note attached to Lost in Space for now, after climbing aboard to portray Robinsons’ eldest daughter Judy some months ago.

Eyeing a 2018 premiere on Netflix, we’re still a ways away from Lost in Space warping onto the streaming platform. We do, however, understand that Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Dracula Untold, Last Witch Hunter) are hashing out the script of this new, serialized version, with Zack Estrin primed to take point as showrunner.

Tapping into the rich archives of Irwin Allen’s adorned cult classic of ’65, this new interpretation will once again chronicle the spacefaring adventures of the Robinson family, who wind up stranded light years from their intended destination. Personal demons and a hostile alien environment are just some of the problems that arise, though beyond that vague overview, there’s not really much to go on at such an early stage.

Speaking of which, there are still plenty of vacant roles still to be filled, including that of Dr. Zachary Smith, a nefarious scientist who sabotages the Robinsons’ voyage and leaving them, well, Lost in Space.

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