Todd McFarlane Says A Spawn Animated Series Is Heating Up


With the exception of leading man Jamie Foxx recently confirming that he was still attached to the project, almost all of the talk surrounding the long-gestating Spawn reboot has come entirely from Todd McFarlane. Having spent so long trapped in development hell, you can understand why the character’s creator would want to keep the latest big screen adaptation in the spotlight, but so far it’s been little more than hot air.

On numerous occasions, McFarlane has teased some big news and major additions to the cast without anything actually materializing, including a reveal that he claims would break the internet. But if he doesn’t start backing up these words pretty soon, then fans are only going to get more skeptical about the project.

Jason Blum has confirmed that Spawn is still very much a priority for Blumhouse, and in a recent interview, McFarlane admitted that he’s aware of how the lack of forward momentum is at complete odds with how often he’s dropping hints about the movie. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he’s in talks about creating an animated series.

“I was having a conversation about the animation yesterday with a pretty big animation house. So those topics are heating up. I know that people are saying that, ‘Todd, you talk a lot about the movie and the Hollywood stuff and nothing’s really happening’, and that’s not true. Especially with production being shut down.”

McFarlane then offered yet another update on how Spawn is coming along, and once again hinted that some major news will be confirmed once the industry starts returning to some form of normality following the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I can tell you right now there is momentum going on Spawn, the movie, and I’m not just saying that on my end, I’m saying that the things you need to do to eventually get to the point where you’re going to get into production once COVID allows us to get into production, all those things are going on right now and we’re adding talent, big, big talent that we haven’t announced yet. I wish I could but I can’t. So the Spawn movie is not a casualty right now, we’re moving as much as we can, given that there’s no production. When will we be in production? I don’t know, that’s still an unknown, but all the steps we need to take to get there are currently being done behind the curtain.”

You certainly can’t fault his enthusiasm when it comes to the Spawn reboot, and from the sounds of things, the people that have been waiting patiently for the movie to get in front of cameras ever since it was first announced all the way back in 2007 will just have to wait a little longer. Which, at this point, they should at least be used to.