Tom Hiddleston Reveals His Favorite Line From Loki Season 1


Loki has had so many iconic quotes across the past decade of the MCU, from his evil gloating in The Avengers to his hilarious banter with his brother in Thor: Ragnarok. Disney Plus’ just-concluded Loki TV series offered us even more great lines from the God of Mischief, but one in particular stands out from the rest for star Tom Hiddleston.

Ahead of this week’s season finale, Hiddleston took part in a Tumblr Q&A, with one question being “Which Loki line does Tom Hiddleston like the most?” The actor didn’t even need to think about it before providing his answer. He went with the touching words his character says to Owen Wilson’s Mobius in the penultimate episode of the show.

Check out Hiddleston’s response via the video below or scroll down to read his full answer:

“‘Thank you, my friend,’ I think,” Hiddleston said. “Four words I’m not sure he has uttered in his life. Yeah. ‘Thank you, my friend,’ which is, of course, what Loki says to Mobius in episode five. So, you know, I loved saying that. It felt new. It felt like a new chord, something, a new utterance, a new expression for Loki. ‘Glorious purpose’ is obviously great, but maybe it was time to change his tune.'”

The quote in question comes from near the end of Episode 5 “Journey into Mystery” when Mobius left The Void to return to the TVA. Loki hugged his new pal before they parted and told him “thank you”, presumably for everything he had done for him since they met. Hiddleston is right that this is the sort of thing we’ve never heard Loki say before. In terms of both sincerely expressing gratitude for the kindness of another and also genuinely calling someone a friend.

As Hiddleston references, many fans would probably vote for Loki’s classic Avengers line – “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose” – as his greatest ever. The term “glorious purpose” was used throughout Loki as the anti-hero re-evaluated exactly what his purpose in life is. But, for the actor, Loki’s friendship with Mobius seems to be his favorite part of the series. And many fans would agree with that.

Unfortunately, the Loki season finale ripped our hearts out by establishing a new timeline where Mobius has no idea who Loki is. We’ll find out what happens next in season 2, which doesn’t have a release date yet but is possibly already in production.