Tom Hiddleston reveals when ‘Loki’ season 2 starts shooting, and it’s not far away


As the first live-action Disney Plus series to be renewed for a second season, the return to our screens of Loki comes burdened with a pressure unique to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s episodic offerings so far, in that it’s already got a strong foundation in place with which to really cut loose.

The first six episodes kicked open the doors to the multiverse, something that had a huge impact on Spider-Man: No Way Home, and will make an even bigger splash when Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange sequel comes to theaters next week, so the mythology is in a very different place than it was the last time we saw the God of Mischief being kicked into the wrong timeline by rogue variant Sylvie.

We’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors about when production was set to begin, but the leading man himself has now offered a concrete update on the schedule during an interview with The Playlist.

“We’re in it already. I mean, we’re not filming, but we’re in prep, but we start in like six weeks or something. So we’re in full steam ahead in terms of a script and story and it’s really exciting. Yeah, I can’t say too much, but lots of questions to be answered.”

If cameras begin rolling around June, then we almost certainly won’t be seeing Loki‘s second run until early-to-mid 2023 at the earliest. Season 1 premiered on June 9, so that could be the window for the trickster’s long-awaited comeback, unless of course we see him in Thor: Love and Thunder first.