Tom Hiddleston Says The Loki TV Series Will Be A Big Change For The Character

Loki MCU

While Loki might be permanently gone in the main MCU timeline, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of him. Despite being killed by Thanos back in Infinity War, everyone’s favorite trickster god made a return in Endgame during the Avengers’ time heist, which saw Tony Stark, Ant-Man, Captain America, and Hulk travel back to 2012 in the midst the Chitauri invasion in New York City. Unfortunately, chaos broke out during an attempt to retrieve the Space Stone, and in the ensuing confusion, Loki was able to escape from the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D. and ended up teleporting away with the Tesseract.

For some time now, we’ve known Tom Hiddleston is set to reprise his role on a Disney Plus series, but the specifics have been largely kept under wraps. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has revealed that Loki is connected to the MCU though, and a recently-released promotional still hints the show will feature time travel, with some speculating that it takes place (at least in part) during the 1970s.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hiddleston was asked about the upcoming series but unfortunately, he didn’t pull a Tom Holland and spill the beans. He did, however, hint that the show will be a big change for his character.

“All I can tell you is that it is called Loki. It is a new departure … but I can’t explain why,” he teased.

Hiddleston also took the time to explain just how excited he is to see how Loki will expand upon the anti-hero, who’s built up a rather sizable fanbase over the past few years.

“It is a constant source of surprise and delight that these films have connected with people. I knew he was a complex figure. Intelligent yet vulnerable. Angry and lost and broken and witty. I thought it was an amazing opportunity and it’s grown into this network of movies.”

Unfortunately, it looks like we have a long wait ahead of us when it comes to watching the show for ourselves. Even though Disney Plus is set to launch on November 12th, both Loki and WandaVision won’t premiere until the platform enters its second year (2020-2021). For the time being, we’ll have to focus our attention on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will release sometime in August 2020.