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Tom Hiddleston ‘thrilled’ to get the band back together for ‘Loki’ season 2

Hiddleston said he was grilled by crew members on a different show about the TVA in 'Loki.'

Tom Hiddleston in character as Loki
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Now that it’s officially been confirmed the entire cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series Loki will be returning for a second season, star Tom Hiddleston said he’s “thrilled” at the prospect of getting the band back together.

The production is also being moved from Atlanta to London, Hiddleston confirmed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

“I think it was just an accident of scheduling. But I’m thrilled about it.”

Hiddleston remarked he believed the sets would also be sent from the U.S. to the U.K., but wasn’t sure how they were being transported.

With Loki being the most popular MCU show on the streaming platform, it’s no wonder it was picked up for a sophomore run. However, Hiddleston said he began to get a sense of its popularity when the crew of another show he was working on started asking him about Loki, and specifically the mysterious Time Variance Authority.

“I was making this other show, The Essex Serpent. That was really…I kind of got a sense of it because […] the show [Loki] went out on a Wednesday night. And every Thursday morning, the crew [of The Essex Serpent] would be kind of keenly asking me questions like, you know I’d be getting mic’d up in the morning, and he’d be like, ‘OK, the TVA — are they the good guys? Or are they the bad guys?’ And I thought it’s so unusual to be having these responses in real-time.”

He added the cast and crew would often have to pour over the various intricacies of the MCU to figure out the plot of the show, too, such as the fact that the Loki character is technically dead in the mainline franchise but plays a variant in his own solo project, existing in the limbo world that serves as the TVA’s headquarters.

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