Tom Holland Says He Has To Stop Himself From Asking Kevin Feige How WandaVision Ends


Tom Holland used to be known as an accidental spoiler machine, to the extent that Joe and Anthony Russo admitted they paired the young actor up with the much more experienced Benedict Cumberbatch on the promotional tour for Avengers: Infinity War so that he could essentially babysit the Spider-Man star and stop him from giving the game away every time he opened his mouth.

The 24 year-old has since changed his ways, however, given that we still know absolutely nothing about Spider-Man 3 despite the number of times he’s been on the press circuit for the likes of Netflix’s The Devil All the Time and upcoming biographical crime thriller Cherry. In fact, Holland has even managed to downplay the potential involvement of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in the upcoming threequel, even though the former Spideys are widely expected to show up.

In a new interview, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker lavished praise on WandaVision, and admitted that he’s had to stop himself from going directly to Kevin Feige to seek out the answers to his burning questions, such is his investment in the story.

“I am obsessed with WandaVision. It’s so difficult because obviously I’m on a Marvel set at the moment. So all of the producers are there, and I could just go up to Kevin Feige and be like, ‘So what happens? What’s going on?’. It’s really difficult for me to not ask the questions I want the answers to, but I’m loving it. And I think, honestly, it’s for me, my favorite Marvel thing I’ve seen, because it really makes you think about, ‘What am I watching? What’s going to happen? Where are they going to take this?’. I love that they brought back the idea of releasing an episode a week. I think it requires the caliber and the quality of the show to be better because you need to keep people engaged for a longer period of time. So I’m loving it. I’m absolutely loving it.”

Even the stars of the MCU are in the same boat as the rest of us, with the worst part of many people’s Fridays being the ‘Please Stand By’ screen that flashes up at the end of every new episode of WandaVision. Having Kevin Feige around to prod for information is an enviable position to be in, but nobody wants to have the ending spoiled ahead of time, no matter how impatient they might get.