Tom Welling Says He’d Like To Play Lex Luthor On Supergirl


For many, Tom Welling remains their definitive Superman and, as a lover of Smallville, I can certainly understand why. I mean, the man played Clark Kent for ten seasons, so a performance that enduring is going to leave a lasting effect.

Given that, a segment of the fanbase pegged him as their first choice for Supergirl‘s iteration of the Man of Steel, but the torch has since been passed onto Tyler Hoechlin. Well, there’s that along with Welling’s past comments basically stating that it wouldn’t work because the two DC shows are of separate universes and differing tones.

Knowing that ship has sailed, I decided to approach the matter from a different angle.

You see, earlier today at Motor City Comic Con, I attended a panel featuring Welling and his former co-star, Michael Rosenbaum. In addition to being one of the funnest, more memorable of these I’ve experienced, I first told Rosenbaum that he was the best Lex there ever was, which I believe to be true (he also happened to be holding the mic for me and others with questions).

Tom Welling Smallville

But considering how we’ve seen veterans of other Superman tales such as Dean Cain, Helen Slater and Laura Vandervoort stay in the family by portraying characters different from their originals on Supergirl, I asked Welling if he’d be interested in playing that show’s version of Lex Luthor, should he ever be introduced.

Here’s how he answered:

“Oh yeah, I’d totally do that in a heartbeat. Michael, you could give me tips on how to shave my head.”

And though Welling said that in somewhat of a playful tone, let it be known he told another fan that he’d be down for continuing Lex’s legacy. That said, we can only hope word of this gets back to the right people so it can one day be made a reality.

Your move, Hollywood.

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW.