Trailer For HBO Horse Racing Drama Luck


Checking the pedigree of the new HBO series Luck, my only response is: Wow! Luck stars Dustin Hoffman in a pilot directed by Michael Mann co-starring Nick Nolte, Jason Gedrick, Richard Kind and Dennis Farina. If that’s not enough, Luck features horse racing, gambling, mobsters and Las Vegas.

Luck stars Dustin Hoffman as Chester ‘Ace’ Bernstein. Ace just got out of prison after two years and is looking to resume his work fixing horse races in Las Vegas. Nick Nolte is a horse trainer simply known as The Old Man. Dennis Farina is Gus and Jason Gedrick is Jerry; the details of their roles have yet to be revealed.

Adding a touch of authenticity to Luck will be jockey Gary Stevens playing a jockey named Ronny Jenkins. Stevens is not a first time actor, he played legendary jockey George Wolf in 2003’s Seabiscuit. John R. Perrotta served as technical consultant on the pilot along with horse racing writer Jay Hovdey. Perotta is the President of Star Racing Stable in Delaware while Hovdey has written for the Daily Racing Form for more than a decade.

In this trailer released today, we see that Dustin Hoffman’s Ace is no joke while Nick Nolte looks downright respectable as The Ole Man. All things considered, this looks like a real treat.

Luck debuts on HBO in 2012.

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