Michael Mann Confirmed For Agincourt

Michael Mann is currently hard at work on Luck for HBO. The horse racing drama stars Dustin Hoffman, Michael Gambon, Ian Hart, John Ortiz, Dennis Farina, among others. While Luck will be on the small screen, Mann is still hoping to return to the big screen but still hasn’t chosen his next project. He does have options though.

Among them are the gangster tale Big Tuna from Up In The Air writer Sheldon Turner and Capa, which Andrew Garfield and Gemma Arterton are attached to. And then we come to Agincourt, an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s novel about the famous battle between Henry V’s English army, and the French.

Today Screen Daily is telling us that Michael Mann is indeed confirmed for Agincourt. Benjamin Ross will be re-writing the script and although no financing or start date has been determined, the film will more than likely shoot in the UK and France. So while there seems to be some momentum behind the project, it won’t for sure be his next project. Things can change but I think it’s more than likely that this is where the director will head next.

Mann is a mixed bag for me. While he’s done some fantastic films like Heat, The Insider and The Last of the Mohicans, he’s also had some missteps with films like Public Enemies and Miami Vice. So you never really know with him. This particular project does sound interesting but until we hear more info on it I’ll reserve my judgement.