The Ladies Of Litchfield Return In First Trailer For Orange Is The New Black Season 3


Netflix’s status as the bringers of binge (watching) was fully cemented with the season 1 debut of its original series Orange Is The New Black in 2013. Its arrival to the streaming medium caused countless impromptu duvet days and canceled social engagements, all in favor of curling up to ingest an entire season in one day. Now you can look forward to crafting even more excuses as to why you’re unable to leave the house, because season 3 of the prison dramedy is gearing up to return. And now, there’s brand new trailer to celebrate its arrival!

For those of you desperate for a tiny glimpse at what’s in store for Piper and co., you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This isn’t your typical miniscule clip bookended by the show’s title card. No, Netflix means business. This in-depth trailer for the show’s premiere expands on the roster of gals populating the New York prison. It signals the presence of established inmates like Piper, Red, Morello, Daya, Poussey, Pennsatuckey, Crazy Eyes, Gloria and Black Cindy, returning inmates like Piper’s on-again-off-again love interest Alex and Lolly, possibly-on-furlough inmates such as Nichols, and a brand new resident in the shape of Stella Carlin (played by Australian DJ Ruby Rose).

As was the case in past seasons, humdrum day-to-day activities take on an exaggerated importance within the walls of Litchfield. Flashes of humor are injected as we see Big Boo getting a makeover (brilliant) alongside the driving drama that as always, stems from Piper’s problem with keeping it in her pants.

You can catch up with the ladies of Litchfield and their catty, murderous and oft-times hilarious antics when Orange Is The New Black returns exclusively to Netflix on June 12. Yes. It’s going up against Jurassic World.

The women of Litchfield unapologetically return for the third coming. With a crisis of faith and their beliefs and loyalties being tested, each character must decide what and who to believe in.