First Trailer For Sex And The City Prequel Series The Carrie Diaries

While The Carrie Diaries could easily be a horror spin-off offering a glimpse into the journal of telekinetic teenager, Carrie White, alas it is an upcoming prequel TV series based on Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City.  But chances are they’d both complain about menstruation anyway.

Set to debut on CW, the first trailer has landed with newcomer AnnaSophia Robb in the titular role of Carrie, who this time is cruising around New York in the 80’s after landing an internship in Manhattan. The trailer exploits elements popularised by the original series including a voiceover and making cocktail parties important. You can check it out below.

Sex And The City’s Chris Noth recently told Parade, “I don’t see Sex And The City 3 happening. I’m not disappointed if they don’t. I miss the early days before it became sort of a circus of attention, when it hadn’t become this iconic thing.”

Nevertheless, after a successful film franchise based on a successful TV series based on a bestselling book, it was unlikely the Sex And The City brand would be laid to rest. It’s interesting that the franchise has turned back the clock instead of instigating more tales for Carrie and company though.

The last Sex And The City movie choked on its own self-importance while ridiculing any minority it wedged into the clunky script. It nailed a sub-par nail into the coffin of a series which when launched, was an edgy, women-driven comedy drama. Let’s see if revisiting Carrie’s youth may revive the early days of what was a killer series.

The Carrie Diaries begins in January 2013.

What do you make of the Sex And The City prequel series, The Carrie Diaries? Have you had enough of Carrie Bradshaw or are you chomping at the Manolo for more? Have your say in the comments below.

(Source: Indiewire)