Terrifying First Trailer For Shudder’s Creepshow TV Series Debuts


Golly gee, when was the last time there was a good horror show on TV? I guess The Terror probably counts (I’m assuming it’s scary due to its on-the-nose title). Otherwise, most reality TV is pretty terrifying. Zing! Got’em!

But I might also need to get Shudder soon, because they have a Creepshow series coming out. And ya know what? It looks like a lot of stylized, practical, spooky fun. Thank you, Comic-Con, for bringing us more gory good news, and showing us how much enjoyment we’ll get out of being scared by the upcoming anthology show.

In addition to being based off the films that featured horror titans Stephen King and George Romero, may his soul rest in peace, the cast looks to be stacked, too. We have splatter veterans Jeffrey Combs and Tobin Bell, and even Adrienne Barbeau. There’s also Giancarlo Esposito, Bruce Davison, Big Boi, Kid Cudi and Dana Gould, just to name a few.

If that wasn’t enough, the directors of this anthology series range from Sex Machine himself, Tom Savini, Rob Schrab for what’s guaranteed to be a wacky episode and John Harrison, who directed the entirety of the under-appreciated Tales from the Darkside adaptation from the early 90’s.

For those unfamiliar with the property, the original two films expertly mixed kitschy 50’s comic book aesthetic with pure 80’s practical horror. There weren’t, and haven’t been, many movies like them since. At least, none as stylish, polished or fun. Plus, you have Stephen King’s finest performance as poor idiot Jordy Verrill, who only wanted to pay off that bank loan, in the first flick. The show has a spiritual successor as well in Joe Hill, King’s son, who provided one of the short stories being adapted for the series.

Heck, Creepshow has incredible writing talent all around, including Paul Dini, famous for the 90’s Batman animated series. Lots of comic book talent is behind the scenes as well, so I’m thinking it’ll certainly capture the aesthetic perfectly. The trailer itself doesn’t lend to any postmodern flair, but it looks like a sincere experience rather than a soulless cash-in. Plus, producer Greg Nicotero worked on the special effects for the second Creepshow movie and on Evil Dead II , along with many, many other horror staples.

Shudder please give me access to your service for free. Please? I want to watch this new Creepshow series when it’s out this September. Also, Joe Bob Briggs too, because the drive in never dies.