Watch: First Trailer For Steve Carell’s New Netflix Comedy Space Force

Space Force

Of all the weird things Donald Trump has done while in office, his insistence that there be a new branch of the United States Military devoted to tackling threats in space is one of the weirdest. The Office creators Greg Daniels and Steve Carell clearly agree, as they’ve reunited for Space Force, a new Netflix comedy series about the formation, objectives and working style of the new organization.

Carell plays four-star General Mark Naird. His ideal job would be to run the Air Force, but the President thinks he can go way higher than the atmosphere. Despite his first reaction being to laugh at the name ‘Space Force’ (let’s face it, this is a fairly common response), he’s immediately put in charge of the newborn organization. Its tasks are to protect America’s satellite network and, somewhat more ambitiously, launch a new manned flight to the moon and back. The pressure is on.

Space Force

The trailer shows off the series’ impressive cast, featuring John Malkovitch, Lisa Kudrow, Tawny Newsome, Noah Emmerich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Alex Sparrow and Don Lake, and we can see that none of their characters are taking ‘Space Force’ particularly seriously. Although, Carell’s Naird realizes his career and reputation are on the line. Plus, if he doesn’t succeed, then the President also looks bad, which you have to imagine won’t be great for Naird’s future.

Right now, there are no indications as to how many real-life politicians will be fictionalized in Space Force, but we at least see someone in this trailer who looks suspiciously like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez grilling Naird on the militarization of space. No word yet on whether we’ll see an actor playing Trump himself, but it seems likely at this point.