Trollhunters Trailer Unveils A Fantastical Romp, Netflix Series Pegged For Late December


This Christmas, illustrious filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will go kid-friendly with Trollhunters, a fantastical new animated adventure series bound for Netflix.

Emerging from a prolonged development cycle, the del Toro and DreamWorks romp made a big slash at New York Comic-Con this past weekend, unveiling the delightful first trailer and key art – those in attendance were even treated to a screening of the pilot episode. The late Anton Yelchin heads up Trollhunters as Jim Lake Jr. who, along with his two best friends, unearths a startling mystery deep beneath the fictional town of Arcadia. It involves trolls both good and evil, as you’ve likely already gathered, and del Toro’s budding new series essentially places those two worlds – two worlds connected by a strange amulet discovered by Yelchin’s Jim – on a collision course.

Not to be confused with André Øvredal’s low-budget Norwegian flick of the same name, Trollhunters has potential in spades, combining del Toro’s knack for rich storytelling and world-building with an all-star cast that includes Charlie Saxton, Kelsey Grammer, and Ron Perlman. We’ll discover if those early signs of promise are on point in a few months’ time.

Worlds collide when Guillermo del Toro and Netflix’s budding new original series makes its debut on December 23, just in time for Christmas. It’s unclear as yet if Netflix will draft in new personnel to replace Yelchin should Trollhunters earn a renewal, but we’ll be keeping you up-to-date as we inch closer to that premiere.


TROLLHUNTERS will unleash a new, fantastical world wrapped around the residents of the fictional suburb of Arcadia who make a startling discovery that the world beneath their hometown is as vast and mind-blowing as anything on the surface. A global must-see viewing event for the entire family, DreamWorks TROLLHUNTERS will bring viewers of all ages around the world into the rich and creative mind of Guillermo del Toro.