True Blood Getting The True Death In 2014

true blood

After six campy, delicious seasons of vampire sex and violence, HBO’s True Blood is finally coming to an end with season seven, which will consist of only ten episodes, just like season six. The show’s major leads, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, and most importantly, Alexander Skarsgård, are all scheduled to remain on True Blood through the end.

Potential spoilers ahead in this article.

The world of True Blood that all started in the supposedly small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana has expanded over an impossible distance, making its way across the dirty South and revealing even the most obscure of mythological creatures. The series of course opened on the premise that vampires are real and have “come out of the closet,” after the creation of synthetic human blood made it possible for vampires and humans to co-exist in peace.

With the progression of each season, more and more creatures were revealed, ranging from the standards – such as werewolves and shape-shifters – to a few newb species that no one can convince me existed before True Blood, e.g., “werepanthers.” It’s almost as if no human character could remain on the program without realizing at some point that he or she has somehow been a “supe,” been related to a “supe,” or lived a life otherwise alongside a “supe” all along.

This type of “what crazy thing can we do next” writing has led many viewers to believe that it’s time for the show to be put down. But as an unapologetic, enormous True Blood fan, I find imagining a future without weekly updates on now-Mayor Sam Merlotte intolerable, though I will find solace in knowing that the talented stars of True Blood will now be able to lead illustrious careers, having paid their penance to the acting Gods with a smutty television show.

Are you sad to see True Blood go, or do you think it’s about time that it receives the true death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.