True Lies TV Series In The Works From Terminator: Salvation Director


From Star Wars to The Muppets to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney has a solid line-up of shows in development for its upcoming streaming service Disney Plus. Now, it looks like we can add an adaptation of James Cameron’s 1994 action-comedy True Lies to that list, and Terminator: Salvation director McG will be the one to help usher it onto the small screen.

McG, who honest-to-god got his start as the original singer of the band Sugar Ray, is known for his high-octane style of action directing, which seems perfectly suited for a True Lies follow-up. Speaking on Collider Live, the director revealed his involvement with the Disney Plus show, saying:

“Well, right now my new thing for television is that I’m doing True Lies, at Disney+. I guess I’m announcing it, which I don’t mean to do. So, True Lies at Disney+, which is exciting. I don’t should be even talking about that, but I think the cat’s out of the bag now.”

True Lies is one of the many properties Disney acquired in its purchase of 21st Century Fox, so it makes sense that they’d want to capitalize on everything they can. An action-packed vehicle for both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, James Cameron’s story about a shredded secret agent living a double life as a family man made serious money at the box office and was even nominated for a few Academy Awards. Though a sequel never came to fruition, McG notes that he has Cameron’s blessing to continue on with his own adaptation.

This won’t be the first time McG has tackled a story started by The Terminator director, as like we mentioned above, he helmed the fourth entry in that series, 2009’s Terminator: Salvation, as well. Cameron has since gone on to admit that Salvation wasn’t that “embarrassing,” though fans and critics seem to disagree.

Disney Plus is set to debut this November, though it’s currently unknown when the True Lies series will premiere. While it seems pretty reasonable to assume that nobody is going to subscribe to the service for this specific show alone, let us know in the comments below if it’s at least piqued your interest, and be sure to check back as more details are announced.