First Trailer For True Terror With Robert Englund Is A Horror Delight

True Terror With Robert Englund

Few screen actors can hold a candle to Robert Englund, whose cinematic legacy is so deeply embedded within the horror genre, that moviegoers are still crossing their fingers (and toes!) in the hope that he’ll one day reprise his iconic role as Freddy Krueger for a total reimagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Still no news on that front, but Entertainment Weekly (h/t Bloody Disgusting) has today uncovered the next best thing: Travel Channel’s upcoming series True Terror With Robert Englund, which features a trilogy of spooky tales about monsters and supernatural beings.

Penciled in for a premiere on Wednesday, March 18th, EW has dropped the first-look teaser (see below) for Travel Channel’s six-part series today, which promises to dig deep into America’s forgotten history, as Englund scours “news reports of yesteryear to bring viewers twisted tales ripped straight from the headlines.” Haunting stories involving “The Axeman” and mythical creatures are among those cramming up the pipeline, and March 18th can’t come soon enough.

Here’s the full logline:

In each episode, Englund uses his ominous tones and creepy charisma to masterfully weave together a trilogy of spine-tingling tales, guided by newspaper accounts and layered with commentary from historians and experts that prove that truth is always stranger than fiction.

Stranger than fiction, indeed. Though Robert Englund has long been tipped for a journey back to Elm Street, this Travel Channel series ought to keep horror fans ticking over in the meantime, as it documents every tall tale in the book: from monsters to creatures in the night, to evil possessions and hauntings.

“Join me on a journey into the dark shadows of our nation’s history.” How cool does that sound? True Terror With Robert Englund begins Wednesday, March 18th with “Twisted Relationships,” a story of a “North Carolina storekeeper who is tormented by a prophetic countdown to his doom.”