Twitter wants Halle Berry in a Cleopatra movie after Caesars BTS photo goes viral

Halle Berry Getty (SINGLE USE)
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Kari Skogland’s upcoming Cleopatra movie may have already found its Egyptian Queen in the form of Gal Gadot, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from countering that casting with a desire to see someone else take the throne.

Late last year, betting company Caesars Sportsbook released a TV commercial starring Halle Berry as a glamorous interpretation of the real historical figure, though only now, it seems, have audiences started cottoning on to the fact that Hollywood A-lister Berry was the actress sporting a trim wig and heavy eye makeup. The original ad can be seen below.

As for the revelatory confirmation of her involvement, that appears to have come from an Instagram post over the weekend (below) on Berry’s official Instagram account. The BTS photo shows her in the same makeup used for the ad.

Naturally, Twitter has gone nuclear with all sorts of reactions, with some even calling for her to replace Gadot on Skogland’s in-progress feature-length film.

Others have been more respectful of casting choices, and decided instead, to offer their praise of Berry’s captivating look.

Judging by the above, there exists a sizable audience eager to see Berry take up the role of Cleopatra outside of a high-budget TV commercial, but we wouldn’t bet on such a seemingly perfect pairing happening anytime soon. Never say never, of course, but for now, it’s Gal Gadot’s time to shine as the famed monarch.