Tyler Hoechlin Spotted On The Set Of Supergirl Season 2 Suited Up As Superman

Yesterday, The CW released a first look at Tyler Hoechlin suited up as the Man of Steel in Supergirl season two. The response was a little mixed, with many fans praising the costume, but equally as many pointing out that the Teen Wolf alum looked a little too skinny to play the iconic DC Comics superhero.

Now, a new batch of photos from the Vancouver set have surfaced, and as you can see in the gallery above, Hoechlin most definitely looks the part. For whatever reason, that official image just didn’t do the actor justice, and while he’s still a long way off from being as jacked as Henry Cavill, that’s still Superman alright.


Hoechlin will first appear as the hero in the season two premiere of Supergirl, and while he’s currently booked for just the first couple of episodes, chances are that the character will become a recurring presence in the series moving forward – assuming fans take to him.

With Supergirl making the leap from CBS to The CW, fans are looking forward to her meeting up with heroes like Green Arrow, The Flash, and the Legends of Tomorrow, and with any luck, she’ll be bringing her slightly more famous cousin along with her when she does.

Source: Just Jared