Tyrant Season Finale Review: “Gone Fishing” (Season 1, Episode 10)


The season finale of Tyrant clocked in at 50 minutes and one second, and the writers didn’t waste even that last second. After Jamal (Ashraf Barhom) played his part to a tee on last week’s episode, maybe a little too well, Barry (Adam Rayner) was confident that he would succeed in his undertaking. The plan was moving along as expected, his family was packed and on the verge of getting out of harm’s way, and at least Barry would have a final memorable day with his brother before everything hit the fan. Slowly the entire plan unraveled and by the time the screen faded to black tonight, we hadn’t quite reached the extent of worse case scenario, but the characters were all pretty close to it.

Let’s talk about hindsight. In hindsight, Hakim (Yussuf Abu-Warda) wasn’t exactly an inspired choice for a co-conspirator. Viewers experienced his tenacity for being easily outmaneuvered when Jamal confronted him about the situation between their children earlier in the season. Frankly, he was pretty spineless character. His shock at the end result cemented this fact. Did he really think that Jamal was just going to forgive and forget that easily? No way.

Not only did Hakim gamble his life away, but he has now put the rest of his family in a precarious position. His daughter, Nusrat (Sibylla Deen) may be married to an Al Fayeed, but after Hakim’s traitorous activities, that might not be enough to save her from a similar fate (plus, there’s also the lack of consummating her marriage to consider). And, his wife may be charged as an accessory – and it wouldn’t be a false accusation, either.

That leads us to Barry’s own family, who are in an equally uncomfortable situation at the moment. Thanks to Molly’s (Jennifer Finnigan) free spirited, rebellious sister, the family never made it out of the country. Granted, it’s not as if she planned their delay, but she does have an annoying knack for going against anything that she doesn’t understand. Clearly, it runs in the family. Instead of relying on the her sister as the responsible party, she insisted that her niece accompany her on one final shopping spree – and look how that turned out. She may have some new clothes to boast about, but now the entire family is stuck indefinitely in the American embassy.

Being related to the president of a foreign country has never been more of hazard for this American family, who is half way around the world from home sweet home. I bet Barry isn’t the only one that is regretting coming back.

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