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Is A Veronica Mars Movie In The Cards?

After hearing that 3 years after it was taken off the air, Monk, is getting a new lease on life in a two-hour made-for-TV movie developed for the USA Network by creator Andy Breckman, it raised the question in my mind of "Is this setting a precedent for other cancelled shows?" and "What shows deserves a chance to tell the story of what happened next?"

3 years after it was taken off the air Monk is getting a new lease on life in a two-hour made-for-TV movie developed for the USA Network by creator Andy Breckman.

With Monk set to make a return, I have to ask, is this setting a precedent for other cancelled shows? And, what shows deserve a chance  to make a return?

Of course, only time will tell if other cancelled shows will start to see airtime again but in the meantime, we can always speculate on which shows we’d like to see come back.

Truthfully, the list is endless. There are so many shows that received the axe and left fans wanting more. Veronica Mars is one of these shows.

The series saw a slump in season three and instead of being given a little time to see if it would bounce back, the network cancelled it. This was a possible repercussion of the merge between the WB and UPN into the CW, which is now leading the way in teen drama, similar to the WB before it.

After the merger the two networks tried to establish a line-up with an equal number of shows from both, but that attempt ended with most of the UPN shows being canned. Creator Rob Thomas tried to showcase the potential the show still had by filming part of an episode that would have served as the premiere of a fourth season, but the network wasn’t sold.

It’s been almost five years since the series was taken off the air, but fans haven’t given up. And rightfully so. Season 3 ended with everything up in the air. Would Veronica make it in the FBI? Where would she leave things with Logan? So many questions, no answers.

Thomas obviously didn’t know or was in denial about the future of the series because nothing about the season finale, turned series finale, screamed ending. If that wasn’t enough non-closure, the season 4 partial episode leaked online and gave fans another reason to hold on. Hopes for a Veronica Mars movie have been lingering for all these years with small tokens of joy along the way.

It’s been over a year since news broke that the WB had set up an e-mail account to receive messages of support for turning the series into a movie – although the reasoning behind this move is unclear, one would assume it has to do with measuring the response. Facebook still boasts dozens of Veronica Mars fan clubs and Twitter features regular Tweets from fans, including scheduled time frames aimed at attracting the attention of the WB.

Whether the characters that we have grown to love on Veronica Mars will ever get a chance to finish their story is still up in the air, especially because the cast has moved on. Kristen Bell has starred in several movies and shows since and Jason Dohring has appeared in a string of television shows, most recently as a naughty teacher in Ringer.

The rest of the cast shares a similar history with Dohring, picking up guest star roles on other television series but none finding the same chemistry as they once had. The WB would be lucky to have this ensemble back together again and to give fans what they’ve been waiting for – a chance to catch up with their favorite characters and say good-bye all at the same time.

Watch the 2-part trailer for Veronica Mars – Season 4 and let us know in the comment section if you think there is movie potential!

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