Is A Veronica Mars Movie In The Cards?

3 years after it was taken off the air Monk is getting a new lease on life in a two-hour made-for-TV movie developed for the USA Network by creator Andy Breckman.

With Monk set to make a return, I have to ask, is this setting a precedent for other cancelled shows? And, what shows deserve a chance  to make a return?

Of course, only time will tell if other cancelled shows will start to see airtime again but in the meantime, we can always speculate on which shows we’d like to see come back.

Truthfully, the list is endless. There are so many shows that received the axe and left fans wanting more. Veronica Mars is one of these shows.

The series saw a slump in season three and instead of being given a little time to see if it would bounce back, the network cancelled it. This was a possible repercussion of the merge between the WB and UPN into the CW, which is now leading the way in teen drama, similar to the WB before it.

After the merger the two networks tried to establish a line-up with an equal number of shows from both, but that attempt ended with most of the UPN shows being canned. Creator Rob Thomas tried to showcase the potential the show still had by filming part of an episode that would have served as the premiere of a fourth season, but the network wasn’t sold.

It’s been almost five years since the series was taken off the air, but fans haven’t given up. And rightfully so. Season 3 ended with everything up in the air. Would Veronica make it in the FBI? Where would she leave things with Logan? So many questions, no answers.

Thomas obviously didn’t know or was in denial about the future of the series because nothing about the season finale, turned series finale, screamed ending. If that wasn’t enough non-closure, the season 4 partial episode leaked online and gave fans another reason to hold on. Hopes for a Veronica Mars movie have been lingering for all these years with small tokens of joy along the way.

It’s been over a year since news broke that the WB had set up an e-mail account to receive messages of support for turning the series into a movie – although the reasoning behind this move is unclear, one would assume it has to do with measuring the response. Facebook still boasts dozens of Veronica Mars fan clubs and Twitter features regular Tweets from fans, including scheduled time frames aimed at attracting the attention of the WB.

Whether the characters that we have grown to love on Veronica Mars will ever get a chance to finish their story is still up in the air, especially because the cast has moved on. Kristen Bell has starred in several movies and shows since and Jason Dohring has appeared in a string of television shows, most recently as a naughty teacher in Ringer.

The rest of the cast shares a similar history with Dohring, picking up guest star roles on other television series but none finding the same chemistry as they once had. The WB would be lucky to have this ensemble back together again and to give fans what they’ve been waiting for – a chance to catch up with their favorite characters and say good-bye all at the same time.

Watch the 2-part trailer for Veronica Mars – Season 4 and let us know in the comment section if you think there is movie potential!

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  1. Lindasays:

    Hell yeah! Of course they would do a movie out of this! I miss VM sooo much, and a think that we earn a better ending than the one in the third season.. /Linda, sweden

    1. Two weeks left to donate to the Kickstarter! And look, Sweden residents can now get rewards! “As of right now, residents of the following countries can pledge to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK.”

  2. Michellesays:

    I LoVe the idea of a Veronica Mars movie.  This show was undersold and underpromoted in it’s day.  It garnered many new fans when it was on instant viewing on Netflix, it has a global audience, has an excellent cast, extremely good writing, it was unique and it just plagues me that it ended without resolution.  Give me a movie.  A made for TV movie.  A Netflix produced movie. A novel.  A graphic novel.  Come on now sugars, just bring it on!

  3. Mikesays:

    A movie or better yet, another season of the show, would be amazing. The CW seriously needs to pick up another season of this at some point before it’s too late. It would do better than most of what they’re airing now. This show has gained many new fans since it left the airwaves. If I could have any show come back it would be Veronica Mars. I need more!!!! Cannot believe they canceled it. Look where they are now. Hardly anything of theirs is doing well. At least they had a critically acclaimed show with a loyal following in VM. Bring it back! The fans will follow. 

  4. Sorry to inform you But CW is no longer leading the pack when it come to Teen Drama. Their ratings have took a dive since it was the WB. Creatively the shows are not on the same quality level of the shows that came before like Buffy and Angel.
    Now ABC Family seems to be gaining way better ratings  

    Veronica Mars was on of the few exceptions to the rule In Teen Dramas that looked at Adult Themes in a serious light.One of CW recent ventures that I truly did enjoy was not even produced by them. It had a decent mysteries and really compelling underdog characters. Back in Fall of 2008 when they rented out their Sunday’s to a production company MRC. The show was called Easy Money it was Dark dramedy set in underbelly of Pay Day Loans. 

    Below is the Synopsis:

    .28-year-old Morgan Buffkin (Hephner) finds himself in charge of Prestige Payday Loans, his eccentric family’s enormously successful short-term loan business.Any doubts Morgan has about running his family’s business are quickly replaced by dealing with family business.Morgan’s brother Cooper (Ferguson) insists on driving a silver-plated Hummer, Morgan’s sister Brandy (Lowes) has questionable morals, he suspects that his mother (Metcalfe) and father (Searcy) are not being completely honest with him about his relation to the family, and every so often, part-time detective Barry (Reinhold) drops in.[3]

  5. Emmelinebryantsays:

    I would pass out from happiness if there was a Veronica Mars movie!

  6. simonesays:


    1. Two weeks left to donate to the Kickstarter!

  7. USMCwifesays:

    I just recently became a fan when it started airing on SOAPnet. My husband has even become a fan. Now that they’ve shown all of the episodes we’re both extremely disappointed that it was only on for 3 seasons. We would totally watch it if it came back on the air or was made into a movie!

  8. Jeffsays:

    I would love it to return to the CW perfect match to be paired with Nikita a night of Hardcore girls spys and private instigator/FBI perfect scew for the audience for both shows I cant see how Nikita is going to do well this fall with America Next Top Model as its lead in but a Veronica Mars Lead in to Nikita would be amaziing. It seems the new CW president is allowing some of the estiblish shows like Gossip Girl wrap up in a marketed “Final season” Which they shouldve done for Veronica Mars a 13 Episode season for the creator to tie up story lines and market it as a Final Season

  9. Jensays:

    Netflix is how I found VM. I had know idea it existed at the time it was on. Warner is stupid bringing the show back or creating a movie would be genious. They won’t let the rights go for someone else to make it but they don’t want to do it themselves. What a bunch of tools.didn’t Firefly and Serenity teach you anything? Get your heads out of your butts stop pushing lame o remakes at us and give us our Mars fix!

  10. Madi2298says:

    I’m 14 i never got the chance to watch it on TV and live in Australia and I’m not even sure if it aired here Kristen Bell offered to finance the movie and WB said no, everyone is ready to do something except them and its not fair to the millions of fans that do exist, a movie would be great another season would be amazing they thing they wont get there money back for the film when i think they can they judge the series on ratings that are 5 yrs old or something there are new teenagers, people who have never seen it before they would probably love it but none of the channels want to give it a chance I think Kristen can still play Veronica easily and have it from where they left off but she wont be able to do it forever. I wish WB and the other channels would realize that Veronica Mars is amazing and deserves this chance, does it matter if the actors have done other things, i think not they loved the series as much as anyone they couldn’t just wait for this to possibly happen Kristen Bell has said it herself that if WB were to say yes to it she would make time to do it. There are thousands probably millions of people who would see it or buy it. I love Veronica Mars I hate the ending I want to know what happens if Keith becomes sheriff, if Logan and veronica get back together, if they make a movie they really need to do it from where they left off.

    1. “As of right now, residents of the following countries can pledge to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Project: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK.

      Our first nine reward levels are open to overseas backers. Thank you so much for your patience. We’re so happy to have you aboard.”

  11. moransays:

    Bring her back! VeronicaMars unlike others is quality tv

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