First Look At The Villainous Zoom In New Promo For The Flash


The season two premiere of The Flash was a very busy episode, with much of it dedicated to setting up what’s to come in The CW series this year (you can read our review by clicking here). However, despite getting a mention, there was no sign of new big bad Zoom. Well, that’s clearly going to change in next week’s instalment, as the above promo gives us our first look at the villain, and we even get to hear him speak.

In the comics, Hunter Zolomon is Zoom. He was a cop and ally of The Flash who turned on his friend when he refused to travel back in time to save his wife. Using the cosmic treadmill, he was imbued with the power to slow down time around him, giving the sense that he’s moving really fast. However, comments from producer Andrew Kreisberg have indicated that things won’t play out in quite the same way in the TV show.

A big part of why that is no doubt has something to do with the fact that this Zoom hails from Earth-2, but the fact that his identity is being concealed definitely points to some sort of major reveal down the line. Frustratingly, though, it could be some time before we find out for sure.